Thomas R. Nicely's Current E-mail Address

Thomas R. Nicely

Last updated 0700 GMT 07 August 2016.

My current e-mail address is:

My alternate e-mail address is:

My old EarthLink, Hotmail, MSN, Gmail, Yahoo and academic VAX addresses were terminated years ago.

More and more frequently, I find that my replies to correspondents are being bounced back by their anti-spam and anti-virus software and/or services. Please revise your acceptance list or adjust your filtering software.


If you receive an e-mail claiming to be from my address (or some slight variation of my address), which is threatening, abusive, solicitous, commercially oriented, questionable in nature, or otherwise suspicious, treat it as a fraudulent act of vandalism on the part of some third party; ignore its contents and delete it! I DID NOT SEND IT!

Be aware that malicious parties and spammers frequently spoof legitimate e-mail addresses, including my own, using forged headers. My own e-mails will always have distinctive identification headers, aside from those inserted by the mail provider. On the rare occasions when I send attachments with e-mails, it will be with the prior permission of the recipient, or there will be a clear explanation within the message of the contents of the attachment. Furthermore, I never include active links, embedded images, JavaScript, VBScript, or Active-X controls in e-mail (although the e-mail providers, such as Hotmail, might add such features without my permission, just as they append commercial footers without warning).

If possible, send your e-mail messages as plain text; avoid HTML and rich text, especially in e-mails containing data to be processed. Attachments and large data files, or data files containing strings of digits longer than about 70 characters, should be sent as zipfiles (this protects the contents from corruption by the mailers). Please DO NOT send embedded images (jpg, gif, bmp, etc.) in your messages, as these constitute a security hole for viruses and worms, and create a serious bottleneck in e-mail processing. If such images are deemed critical, send them in separate zipped attachments.

I have provided detailed instructions for submitting lists of prime gaps.

Make sure that your subject line is to the point---otherwise, your message might be deleted, unread, as likely spam. Also, if you are seeking information or advice, please send, on your own behalf, a clear and concise explanation of the question or problem. Ordinarily, I will not reply to carbon copies, inquiries by a third person on behalf of others, group discussions, or unsolicited transcripts of conversations to which I have not been party.

If your zipfiles or other attachments are quite large (several MB), I do not advise sending them via e-mail. For such very large files, provide instead a pointer to a website from which I can download the file.